Installing the PGP Keyboard

How to install and enable to PGP Everywhere keyboard extension

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Written by PGP EverywhereLast update 4 years ago

Installing the Keyboard that's included with PGP Everywhere will let you use PGP in all of your apps.

  1. Open the Settings App βš™οΈ your phone 
  2. Scroll down towards the bottom until you see "PGP Encrypt". Select "PGP Encrypt"
  3. Select "Keyboards"
  4. Toggle the switch for "PGP Everywhere" to ON
  5. Toggle the for "Allow Full Access" to ON
  6. Select "Allow" in the pop-up that appears **

That's it! Now any time that a keyboard pops up in ay app, you can press the globe button 🌐in the lower left corner and change to the PGP Everywhere keyboard.

** iOS will present a warning about the potential risks of allowing a keyboard to have "full access". The PGP Everywhere Keyboard needs "full access" so that it can be allowed to use the PGP keys that are stored in the main PGPEverywhere app. PGP Everywhere never transmits your PGP Keys, nor does it transmit, gather, or store anything that you type. Read more here

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